Joe Lauzon and Video-Gamer Give Career Advice

Fightland Blog

By Josh Rosenblatt

Here’s a touch of the bizarre for your Tuesday afternoon:

There's a guy on YouTube calling himself Woody the Unexceptional Gamer who lets people watch him play first-person shooter video games while he gives advice. In this clip he answers the letter of a young man who is wondering if he should quit his job to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time professional martial artist. Rather than take on the issue by himself, Woody enlists the help of his friend, and UFC lightweight, Joe Lauzon.

Together, over a game of Battlefield 3, Woody and Joe come to the conclusion that the young man should not quit his job, that he has a responsibility to himself and his girlfriend not to throw away his primary source of income and become a burden, no matter how tired he says he is at the end of the day. Truly successful people sacrifice, the men point out; they train hard even when they’re tired. Just look at Lauzon, who held down a job in IT, went to school, and trained for hours a day before becoming a UFC fighter. And Woody had a full-time job and a family while still uploading a new video to YouTube every day. “That’s what separates the guys who make it from the guys that don’t,” Woody says. “They suck it up.”

It’s thoughtful and sensible advice, especially considering it was coming from a guy who was busy dodging machine-gun fire at the time. 

Jump to 4:18 for the start of the MMA segment.