A Recap of Last Night's TUF Quarter Finals

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Last night in Las Vegas, the first quarter-final bout of The Ultimate Fighter 20 happened between Randa Markos and Felice Herrig, both fighters in Team Pettis. The Iraq-born Canadian Markos came out on top and advances to the semi finals. So if you missed the episode and aren’t going to go back to watch a rerun or a recording, read along to find out all the drama. 

The episode began with the ladies from Team Melendez talking about the championship belt—Rose “Thug” Namajunas is under a lot of pressure right now, as she’s the only representative from her team advancing to the next stage. They had a few drinks to tone down the nerves, but when they got too noisy, Tecia Torres stepped out of the room to get some sleep. The next day, Heather Clark helped Tecia move rooms permanently. 

Tensions in Team Pettis are on the rise—seven of the team’s ladies went on to the next phase of the competition. So now they’re a little bit upended and thrown back by the fact that they have to train with their future opponents. Coach Anthony Pettis seemed somewhat concerned also, telling viewers that he wouldn’t be cornering anyone when two of his fighters met each other in the Octagon. 

Eventually Carla Esparza and Felice Herrig complained to Pettis that they simply didn’t want to train with their opponents. Looking to solve this grave issue, Carla suggested that the coaches split the fighters into groups that would practice on different time slots. Randa Markos didn’t really like the suggestion and said that she didn’t mind training side-by-side with her opponents, but the majority vote was for splitting up the team. 

Randa pushed to get rid of the split training as it interrupted her cardiovascular preparations as well as her weight-cutting. When Pettis and the trainers understood her plight, they agreed to fix it, and when Carla and Felice arrived to train and found out the news, they got upset. 

Felice went on to confront Randa about it, calling her a coward for approaching the trainers without having her or Carla there as well. In the van that takes them to the gym, Carla and Felice started arguing with Randa because they were annoyed that she was coming with them. At the gym they complained to Pettis once again, but unable to figure out a solution that left everyone happy, the first ever mixed martial artist on the Wheaties box let Randa train with Felice and Carla. 

Back at the house, Felice and Carla tried Randa by making fun of things she said in the van. Obviously, Randa heard and made a promise to take Felice out in the Octagon. At the weigh-ins, Felice blew a gum bubble in Randa’s face while they faced off. Randa popped it and walked away without saying anything. 

When it came down to it, the fight was quick and sharp. Both fighters stalked each other for a second around the Octagon’s middle, Felice keeping her distance to avoid Randa’s striking. Randa went for a clinch, but Felice landed a knee and an elbow, taking the fight to the fence. Felice connected two more knees when Randa went for a takedown. Eventually the fight went to the ground, ultimately seeing Randa accomplish an impeccable armbar that forced Felice to tap out at a little over two minutes into the first round. 

So much for Felice’s taunts. After the fight, Randa said she should’ve pushed for the arm break, but because she’s cool she decided against it. When she said that she hopes this dominating submission shuts Felice up, Carla said something really mean—but who cares, Randa just told Carla not to worry, because she’s next.



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