Aldo Goes to Dublin and McGregor Snatches the Belt

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By Andreas Brauning

José Aldo went to Ireland knowing what he was getting into. He was obviously expecting a barrage of drunk and brave Irish fans saying all sorts of silly things to rile up the Brazilian champion, whom the “hometown boy” Conor McGregor challenges this upcoming July in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dana White said during the conference that it’s his job to keep these two from even grazing one another during this media world tour, but already Conor McGregor had touched the back of Aldo’s neck. Dana White knows what’s going on here, and sure enough he’s letting some of it slide.

Today, the presser started 25 minutes behind schedule. The fans are turned all the fucking way up with all this hype. It’s certainly propelled this fight to mega-fight status.

José Aldo declared himself the king of Ireland. Shout out to him, that shit was bold and that shit was warranted. Absolutely zero percent of questions asked were at all relevant. All of it was a ploy to derail the Brazilian’s calm to see if he snapped. He didn’t.

McGregor did, though. When Aldo called himself the king, McGregor couldn’t handle that kind of assault in front of his drunken fans, so he got up really fast, skirted past Dana White and snatched the belt right off Aldo’s shoulder, screaming that he, indeed, is the real king.

The crowd went fucking nuts. Full-blown delirium ensued. Aldo got up as fast as a pitbull who’s been caged for just too many days before being unleashed against another dog. He was baring teeth while McGregor flexed in front of his teeth. He charged at McGregor but Dana White was swift enough to get between them before anything went down—with the assistance of some other security, of course. The belt was retrieved and returned to the rightful owner, who was cursing McGregor viciously.

According to McGregor, there were 67,000 people there. The first question the Irish asked him—somewhat lost amidst the chants of “McGregor’s going to kill you” or something taking a bite out of the classic Brazilian “Vai morrer”—was just how on earth he planned on facing that rambunctious crowd.

Aldo said “it’s nothing to him.” In fact, he said the following:

“It’s nothing to me. That shit’s nothing. I’m the champion.” He looks at McGregor and says, “You’re nothing! I’m here now, I’m the king. I arrived and brought the sun with me, it only rains in this city! I brought the sun so you can smile!”

Beyond all the racist, drunken bullshit the Irish were throwing at Aldo, it was cool to see the Brazilians also show up and ask questions in Portuguese. That was a bold move. I hope they made it out of that cesspool conference OK. 


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