Cachoeira: Rafael Dos Anjos Reflects in Yosemite

Fightland Blog

By Stefan Kocev

Photos by Stefan Kocev

In beginning of July, on a hot summer night in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Brazilian mixed martial artist Rafael Dos Anjos' five-fight win streak was finally stopped.

Dos Anjos had competed twelve times in the UFC since his last appearance under the neon lights and concrete of Las Vegas.

Exactly one week had past since Rafael Dos Anjos lost his UFC lightweight title, when long-time Fightland contributor Stefan Kocev ran into the former champ in Yosemite National Park—somewhere along the Mist Trail in California.

While practicing Wim Hof's cold water breathing techniques, RDA appeared near the falls with his family. He entered the water, started to do some breathing exercises of his own, and meditated.

It's rare to catch a glimpse into the time directly following a fight—especially a loss—when a martial artist is recharging their spirit. After introducing himself, Rafael was gracious enough to allow us to capture the scene.

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