Conor McGregor Coincidentally Pulls Up On Two Irishmen Pretending to be Conor McGregor

Fightland Blog

By Liam Daniel Pierce

Conor McGregor makes a kind of fucked up, delirious national anti-hero, and I'm sure Ireland would have it no other way. In the short breaths between being scrappy and crass, he still maintains his wink of charm.

So you'd imagine that enough of the country would be emulating the man in brawls on random street corners—just because he's wonderful, two-belt owning him. But lucky for these two Celtic wannabe ultimate fighters on the streets of Dublin, Conor McGregor just so happened to be driving by when they were sparring, and delighted the hell out of them with a surprise stop.

How are we sure that it's McGregor himself? Here are a couple of pics from the same night, donning a similar coat.

It would only take my most cynical self to say that this whole thing was staged for PR, but it seems like Conor isn't really concerned about drawing attention lately.

Yup—seems like you can just pretend to be your favorite athlete and they'll just conjure themselves out of thin air. That's magic.


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