Conor McGregor Just (Fake?) Retired Over Twitter

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By Fightland Staff

Oh man, imagine if this was real: Conor McGregor, after just three short years in the UFC, retires over twitter with just a simple, “See ya’s later.”

The 27-year-old Irish fighter, who as everyone knows, has created more hype around his braggadocios personality than any other fighter… well, maybe ever in mixed martial arts. And he’s just getting started?

Even after his unsurprising loss to Nate Diaz, and his subsequent and forthcoming rematch (in which he will most likely lose again) the MMA world will still be his oyster.

Will it be Frankie Edgar next? Or Jose Aldo? Or RDA? Or, as Conor jokingly suggested on twitter today—maybe he will just walk away from the game forever, with his pocket looking like a book with a worm in it.

We know, we know, we want to continue to watch McGregor grow as a martial artist too, but just imagine how mad everyone would be. Conor is clearly getting a kick out of the thought.

Update (2:00pm PST): Conor's coach, John Kavanaugh, has either joined in on the trolling or added evidence of the retirement being real. Things. Just. Got. Interesting.

Update (2:15pm PST): Coach K posted a less subtle troll on his facebook, leaving us with our first inclanation: hoax!


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