Despite Age Difference, Vitor's Testosterone Levels are Higher than Weidman's

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By Fightland Staff

Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC

When they banned Testosterone Replacement Therapy—TRT—it meant that, theoretically at least, Vitor Belfort would have lower testosterone levels than other fighters, especially those younger than him, due to his age. Vitor heads into UFC 187 versus current middleweight champion Chris Weidman at 38 years of age. The champ is currently eight years younger than the Phenom, coming into the fight as a 30-year-old.

Despite Vitor’s inability to continue his TRT and his relatively advanced age, results from a surprise drug test administered before the middleweight title bout this Saturday by the Nevada State Athletic Commission revealed some surprising finds: Vitor showed up with higher testosterone levels, as well as a higher testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio than Chris Weidman. The testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio is used to point out the possible use of synthetic testosterone, and Vitor’s was well below the limit.

Belfort’s levels are all within the permitted parameters of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and there were no indications of the use of illicit performance-enhancing drugs. On the majority of the test results administered by the commission, Vitor’s levels are lower than Weidman’s, except his testosterone levels. Both fighters were subject to a couple of surprise, out-of-competition tests. Each had two blood tests and a urine test. One of the tests was dedicated exclusively to testing human growth hormone levels, and both landed within permitted parameters. The other two tests looked for anabolic agents, diuretics, masking agents, etc.

On March 16th, Belfort was tested and showed 12 ng/mL of testosterone in his system, and a T/E ratio of 1.7—the maximum allowed being 6:1. They tested Weidman on March 30th and he showed 3.7 ng/mL of testosterone and T/E ratio of 0.13. They tested Weidman again on April 27th, showing the same testosterone levels and a T/E ratio of 0.092. The following day they tested Vitor again and he showed 5 ng/mL of testosterone and a T/E ratio of 1.5.

At UFC 187’s Media Day, Weidman showed bewilderment about the results, raising questions as to just how Vitor went from 12 ng/mL to 5 ng/mL. He thought it was funny, a great discovery.

On the other hand, Vitor said his exams were perfect.


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