Fight Night at the Olympic: Theo Ehret’s Timeless Ringside Photography

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By Theo Ehret

Above: Muhammad Ali, Angelo Dundee and Drew Bundini Brown, September 10, 1973

Theo Ehret was the house photographer at the Olympic Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles from the mid 1960s until the early 1980s and his evocative work captured the enormous personalities of that eraMuhammad Ali and André the Giant, George Foreman and Roberto Durán, among others.

Photos courtesy of Willard Ford.

Clint Eastwood with Alexis Arguello, circa 1977

Olympic exterior, sign reads 'Mando Ramos vs Crawford fight on October 5, 1967

Muhammad Ali, training at the Main Street Gym for the Rumble in the Jungle, 1974

Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton at the Forum in Inglewood on September 10, 1973

Andre the Giant, Olympic Auditorium, circa 1976

Andre the Giant, Ernie Ladd and others, Olympic Auditorium Battle Royal, 1976

right: Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, Main Street Gym, 1974, and Alexis Arguello, Main Street Gym, 1975

Olympic Auditorium wide view, circa 1975

Sugar Ray Leonard, Main Street Gym, circa 1979

Jerry Quarry and George Johnson, Olympic Auditorium, 1970

Mil Mascaras, Olympic Auditorium, circa 1970

Freddie Blassie, Olympic Auditorium, circa 1970

Frankie Crawford, Olympic Auditorium, circa 1967

Frankie Crawford, Main Street Gym, circa 1969

Unknown, Olympic Auditorium

Don King, LA County Jail, circa 1971, and Marvin Hagler, Olympic Auditorium, April 7, 1978

Hulk Hogan with his Rolls Royce, parking lot of the Olympic Auditorium, circa 1980

Antonio Inoki, circa 1970 and The Iron Sheik, Olympic Auditorium, circa 1980

Cage Match, Olympic Auditorium, Freddie Blassie, circa 1970

Antonio Puddu, Main Street Gym, circa 1970

Alexis Arguello and Sylvester Stallone, Olympic Auditorium,1978 and Edie Williams,1967

Olympic, circa 1969

Mike Weaver, publicity shot, 1983 and Lupe Pintor with Jimmy Lennon Sr. in background, 1980

Exterior, Olympic Auditorium, date unknown

Raul Rojas, Olympic, circa 1976

Learn more about Theo Ehret's work on the Vault722 website. Special thanks to Willard Ford.


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