Floyd Mayweather Charges Almost $3,000 for Meet and Greet in Manchester

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By Joe Hamson

Good news UK-based Floyd Mayweather fans: your hero is coming to town and he wants to meet you. Yes, you! Lucky you!

There's a small catch, however: Floyd needs a little cash to compensate him for the inconvenience of meeting another human being. Does £2,000 sound okay?

Having retired from boxing last year, Mayweather will tour the UK next month as an undefeated five-division world champion. He confirmed his untouchable greatness by beating Andre Berto – who had lost three of his previous five bouts—on points in September of last year.

All in all he made a lot of money in his boxing career, a fact he likes to mention on a regular basis. It's even his nickname—Floyd 'Money' Mayweather—though you'd have to be pretty sycophantic to go around calling him that. Unless of course he paid you to do so, which he could easily afford to do.

But Floyd's current stockpile of money, including the $300 million he earned last year, is not enough. He wants your cash, too.

Take the Manchester date of his tour, where the opportunity to meet with Mayweather—to bask in his Floydness for an extended period of time—will cost £2,000, according to a report from The Mirror. To a normal person that is a great deal of money, though to someone who earned $300 million it's small change.

But obviously being with normal people inconveniences Mayweather greatly, which is why he must charge them close to the average monthly wage for a UK worker just to meet him. Or, if they're feeling a bit hard up, £1,000 for a photograph with him. Because evidently having a photograph taken with someone is a significant chore for Floyd.

Here's a thought: if you pay £1,000 to get your photo taken with Floyd Mayweather, you are an actual idiot.

Moreover, the concept of paying to meet someone is so hugely fucked up. What sort of wall has Floyd 'Money' Mayweather build between himself and the rest of humanity that he thinks he can charge a single penny simply to be spoken to? What sort of relationship does he have with his species that he thinks this is in any way healthy? I get that he's been punched in the head a few times—albeit not that many, having picked his opponents pretty carefully—but it doesn't excuse such unbelievable hubris.

Call me a cynic, but meeting up with Floyd for £2,000 in Manchester will presumably entail him talking about how fantastic he is, while not discussing anything that you can't read in a book he's authorised. A book that he'll charge a lot of money for.

We shouldn't be encouraging this sort of thing, people of Britain. No human being is worth paying £2,000 to simply hang out with. On a day when we learned that the world's richest 62 people are as wealthy as half of the global population, this is not a positive step for our species to be taking.

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