Floyd Mayweather on Nick Diaz: "Let That Man Smoke Weed and Enjoy His Life"

Fightland Blog

By Sean Newhall

Floyd Mayweather's uncle, Jeff Mayweather, went around the Mayweather Boxing Club trying to get a feel for how the boxing world was reacting to the news that Nick Diaz had been suspended five years for smoking weed. Floyd was there mugging for the camera and he seemed downright incredulous that Diaz had been suspended so long and said "man, let that man smoke weed and enjoy his life."

Others were less forgiving, noting that rules are rules. And others were unwilling to bite the hand that feeds them, like manager Dejuan Blake. "Goddamn...get the fuck...what Commission was this? Nevada? OK, I love the Nevada Athletic Commission, so I support everything that they decided." And then there were others still who straddled the line, like TMT fighter Lanell Bellows who correctly noted that "weed is from the earf," but also said "if it say in your contract not to do it, then you messing up your own money."


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