For All the McGregor Hype—Who's Next

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By Fightland Staff


Conor McGregor conquered Diego Brandao this weekend in Ireland. Despite all the threats Brandao made at weight-in—Dana White tweeted that if Conor touched Diego, the latter was going to headbutt that mother-f-er McGregor in his face—McGregor lifted the Irish tricolor flag high to the resounding chants of his countrymen. 

A showman for sure, McGregor makes all of these guys run their mouths like a motorboat, but it seems to me the Irishman uses that as some sort of trap—it’s his hustle, if you will. He’ll get you foaming at the mouth, hungry to get in the Octagon with him. And then he’ll step in knowing that he’s already under your skin. 

Dennis Bermudez is confused about not getting the attention McGregor is getting—Bermudez is on a six-win streak in the UFC and faces Clay Guida up next on July 26th. According to Bermudez, McGregor's just a showman. Maybe this ought to be the next featherweight bout.

In just three fights in the UFC this dude’s made more noise than some fighters did throughout their careers. Some call it just hype—it’s just been three UFC fights, and he’s gotten lucky, or he’s fighting some pretty weak dudes. The night was so rowdy and full of energy that I would guess everyone’s shooting Dana White messages requesting a chance to fight in front of the Irish fans.

UFC featherweight Dustin Poirier.

McGregor is a dominant fighter. However, regardless of this past weekend, Diego Brandao is a fearsome fighter himself. And the guys that lost to McGregor before him—Max Holloway and Marcus Brimage—are some pretty exciting fighters to watch. 

And since even before these three UFC wins, McGregor is running on a tank full of eight wins and no losses. I don’t know where you see hype—this dude’s here to stay and to take down some hard hitters during that stay. 

And while everyone spills their feelings about The King of Dublin in the air, he’s already agreed to another match-up in the Octagon, this time with Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier, who hasn’t fought since April and is ready for something to do. Someone said he’d like a go with the Irishman around for all his calling-out and instigating. McGregor is obviously down, still fired up, I’m sure, from the performance he delivered in Dublin. 

If and when the fight is confirmed, you can expect this dogfight to crimson the mats. These are two world-class strikers, sharp, swift and with a lot at stake—certainly both are contenders for the top of their division. 


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