Gennady Golovkin Calls Alvarez/Khan ‘Bad for Boxing’

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By Nick Wong

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Boxing superstar Gennady Golovkin had some choice words for his middleweight rival Canelo Álvarez regarding the Mexican’s next choice of opponent.  Álvarez, who is slated to face Britain’s Amir Khan on May 7th, has been criticized for the match due to the significant weight disparity since Khan, who normally campaigns in the welterweight division, will be moving up two full divisions to challenge for WBC middleweight belt. Golovkin, who as the WBC interim champion, is the mandatory for Álvarez, and called the decision a “business fight.”

“I think this is a business plan, a business fight,” Golovkin told BoxingScene.com. “Thank you very much to HBO and my team because I bring a true fight...not just my fight but a true event. And Chocolotito Gonzalez is on the same day as me. This is a good gift, a good gift to people, a good bonus.”

Golovkin’s choice of words comes from the fact that Álvarez is set to face the Kazakh should he get past Khan, and implies that the Brit was chosen due to the guaranteed likelihood the super-fight would proceed. It should be noted that Golovkin’s upcoming match against Dominic Wade does not necessarily offer a bigger challenge than Khan does for Álvarez, but Wade is the IBF mandatory, so there is some legitimacy to Golovkin’s choice. Wade is also a bonafide middleweight, competing at the full 160-lb limit, another point in which Golovkin finds issue with Álvarez.

“[Canelo-Khan] is not good for boxing,” Golovkin said to the LA Times. “[Canelo] will knock the hell out of him…There is a big difference in size.” 

Speaking on size, Golovkin has also gone on the record saying that he will not fight Álvarez at the proposed catchweight of 155-lb.

“Absolutely [the fight will happen] at 160, because he is the middleweight champion. He is not the junior middleweight champion. Middleweight champion is 160,” said Golovkin in an interview.

I for one, agree with Golovkin. It will be interesting to see how the pre-fight buildup unfolds should both guys get past their opponents. 


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