Is Nate Diaz Asking to Be Released From the UFC, or Is He Just Being Nate Diaz?

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By Fightland Staff

Earlier today, Nate Diaz--UFC lightweight, master of trash-talk, and all-around self-aware man--sent out this tweet in which he asked to be released from his UFC contract. 

Now, it's a truth universally acknowledged that even the subtlest and most talented of Nate Diaz scholars knows nothing about Nate Diaz. The man is a mystery wrapped in an enigma lost in a cloud of marijuana smoke, one minute all mean mugs and shirts-off bluster, the next all quiet diffidence. To say that any of us know what's going on with Nate Diaz would be a lie. And this most recent tweet is just further proof of our lack of understanding.

Is Diaz honestly asking to be released from the UFC, as it appears in the first sentence? It was only a few weeks ago that Diaz was fighting with the UFC for a better contract, a fight that resulted in UFC President Dana White claiming that Diaz had turned down a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, a claim Diaz responded to by arguing that White and the UFC were "full of shit." Maybe Diaz has actually decided to move on from the promotion he's been with since 2007. Maybe he's finally fed up with his contract and wants to start looking elsewhere.

Then again, that question mark at the end of the second sentence--"Its time for me to be on my way"--is that there because he's unsure about what he wants, or because he's unsure what the UFC wants, or because he's simply cracking a joke referencing his longtime teammate Gilbert Melendez's recent, combative contract negotiations with the promotion, negotations that ended with a big raise for Melendez but only after the fighter had secured himself an offer from a rival promotion? Is Diaz merely having a laugh, poking at White and the UFC and implying that it would be much easier for everyone involved if renegotiations took place now, before Bellator comes calling?

Who can say? No one. Maybe not even Nate Diaz himself. All we can say for sure is that the whole situation has put the fear of god in us. As much as we've hated it, we've learned to live with a UFC without Nate's brother, Nick, in it. The UFC without either Diaz brother might be too much for us to bear.   

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