José Aldo Breaks Silence, Calls Interim Belt a Toy for Conor's Drunk Friends

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By Fightland Staff

Photo by Rob Stothard/Zuffa LLC

After pulling out of his highly promoted bout with Conor McGregor, the current UFC featherweight champion has finally broken his silence, releasing a formal statement on the matter.

You can feel Aldo’s frustration in the note, which he begins by addressing Dana White’s reasoning for creating an interim belt in his absence—that he had previously backed out of five other title fights. He then goes on to let Conor know how he feels about said interim belt, and includes an X-Ray of the injury for all the doubters out there.

Read José Aldo's statement he made to Brazilian magazine Globo, as translated by MMAFighting:

“I'm the UFC champion since April 2011, defended my belt seven times in four years, and will do it for the eighth time in 2015, an average of twice a year. And I'm not even mentioning WEC, a Zuffa-owned company, like the UFC, where I became the champion in 2009 and put my belt on the line twice in less than a year. That why I can't agree with UFC's decision to have an interim champion in my division citing the five opportunities that I couldn't defend my belt.

“If those fights had occurred, I would have done 12 title fights in four years in the UFC, an average of three fights a year, something that no other UFC champion did. A UFC champion rarely does three title defenses in one year. So that can't be the main reason why they are creating an interim title, but the UFC is a private company which I work for, so I can't complain about its decision, but I can't say I agree either.

As of my opponent, who told me to step up and fight like a man, I can't say anything about a man that imitates a TV series character (Travis Fimmel, from Vikings).

“That's really who he wanted to be, because he's probably ashamed of being who he really is, so he imitates his lines, his style and this actor's tattoos. He's an artist, but not from martial arts, but cheap comedy. It's disrespectful with the actor, and with real athletes. He should look for a stage and not an Octagon. The Octagon is my kingdom and there's place for only one king, which is me. If he wants to participate, he can be the joker he already is.

“If he beats Chad Mendes, the only thing he will have is a toy belt to show his friends, drunk in his country's bars, because that's what an interim belt represents to me: a toy. I am the champion."


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