Meet Shadowball, The Floating Speed Bag

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By Fightland Staff

Shadowball is the world’s first fully functional and untethered punching bag. At its core it’s a speed bag, but its design allows for its users to bypass any need for a clunky and bothersome apparatus. At first sight the Shadowball looks like nothing more than a traditional leather medicine ball, but inside lies a carefully engineered balance between weight, density and velocity.

According to the Shadowball’s “innovator” Cedric Salcedo, the Shadowball’s patent-pending design optimizes those three parameters by establishing a system of layers, much like the Earth, with a core, a mantle and a crust. Instead of earth and magma, though, the Shadowball is made from polyurethane foam and polyurethane gel, and with the optimized trifecta of weight, density and velocity, the ball, when hit, pretty much stays within reach of the user such that he or she can punch at will like you would a regular speed bag. This system, which Salcedo has dubbed R.H.T.M—yes, as in Rhythm—stands for Random Target Hyper-kinetic Motion.

Essentially, it’s like playing wall-ball or hand-ball with closed fists and a larger ball, and according to the Kickstarter page, you can do this work-out, all while "looking like a BOSS."

The creator of Shawdowball, Cedric Salcedo, is a soft-spoken, long-haired guy with unassuming goatee and mustache. He speaks with the same demeanor the weird desk attendant in Bratislava from the first Hostel who tells Pax that everyone’s checked out speaks, and he is truly engrossed with his creation. 

In his Kickstarter video, you can see him using the Shadowball, and although it looks kind of goofy, this is where it really gets intriguing. And with all the strange martial arts-based fitness trends, this one is not that far out. 

We are not sure if this will improve anyones fight ability, but working with a Shadowball looks like it could be a fun workout. Whereas with a regular speed bag you might hop from one foot to the other for added movement and agility training, no strike is the same with the Shadowball. Because of its untethered feature, no return of the ball is like the last one. It’s like a really intense game of solo tetherball.

With the growth of mixed martial arts and a reinvigorated interest in boxing, it should only be a matter of time until more people begin to find business opportunities in combat sports like Salcedo has done with his ultra-portable and easy to use Shadowball. Salcedo’s Kickstarter goal is 40,000 Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to about 35,000 American dollars, and if he makes that goal, Shadowballs should be shipping by 2015.


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