Metamoris 5: Keenan Cornelius vs. Yuri Simoes III

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By Jack Walsh

Image via Facebook user Keenan Cornelius

Jiu jitsu kids from all over, stand up and take notice, Metamoris 5 just got a whole lot more interesting!

Supporting a historic main event featuring a rematch between Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba, 2007 Mundials champion Rafael Lovato Jr was set up in a tilt against 2014 double gold No-Gi worlds champion Yuri Simoes.

Lovato, fighting out of Oklahoma City Oklahama was forced out of his expected third fight with Metamoris after sustaining a ligament injury during training camp affecting his bicep and shoulder. Lovato stated on the cause of the tear:

“As freak of an accident as it was, I believe that everything happens for a reason and this was my body stopping my mind and forcing me to take some time to breathe. I am addicted to the "grind" of training hard, competing and pushing the limits of reaching my goals.

Which is a great thing but also, must come with balance. Being addicted to reaching goals and staying focused is a great addiction, but an addiction nonetheless. And to be balanced, I must be aware of the toll the “grind” is putting on my body and take some time to enjoy life and get healthy.”

We here at Fightland wish Lovato all the best, and hopefully he’ll be able to step up at Metamoris 6. Speaking of stepping up, American phenom Keenan Cornelius has decided to fill in for his compatriot and rematch against the man who denied him his second black belt world title and double gold at this years No-Gi worlds.

Image via Metamoris

Keenan became one of the first tangible stars of the lower weight classes, capturing the imaginations of every young jiu jitsu player out there when he captured the double grand slam, winning his weight and absolute at the four IBJJF grand slam tournaments (Mundials, Brasileiros, Pan Ams and Europeans).

Yuri meanwhile solidified his reputation as a game opponent and a genuine prospect to be a force within the heavier weight classes. After a dominating performance in his weight at No-Gi Worlds this year, he nullified Keenan’s wrestling, taking the Hawaiian down multiple times on his way to a grand slam performance.

The tilt in question at Metamoris on November 22nd is set to be in the Gi, Cornelius’ natural home as a competitor. The Gi has provided some of his greatest victories, along with being the starting point for his most creative innovations, such as his multiple lapel and ezekiel chokes along with his variations with lapel guard and his own worm guard.

The matchup between the rising stars will be their trilogy, with each man taking one a piece: Yuri at No-Gi worlds absolute and Keenan  getting the better of Yuri in the final of Five Grappling's California 1 Open Championship back in February. Both fights were decided on points which won’t be an issue in a submission only environment.



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