MMA on the Verge of Making it in New York (Maybe)

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By Josh Rosenblatt

Image via Flickr user David Saddler

It’s happening,

After 18 years of waiting, it’s finally happening.

It’s finally definitely maybe happening this time, possibly.

Yesterday evening the New York State Senate passed a pro-MMA bill on a vote of 49-13, with nine Democrats and five Republicans voting against. This didn't come as any surprise; it's the sixth year in a row the Senate has voted in favor of sanctioning MMA. But what makes this bill different is that it’s the same as the one Assembly Democrats (who have come out against MMA for the past five years) are currently mulling over and thinking about bringing to the Assembly floor, something they’ve never done before. For weeks Democratic Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle and Republican Senator Joseph Griffo have been hashing out a compromise and it looks like the resulting bill might just make it through both houses this year, making New York the 50th and last state to sanction mixed martial arts. The bill includes enhanced insurance requirements for promoters and mandatory brain scans for fighters who suffer knockouts or severe head trauma, and it brings MMA, boxing, and other combat sports under the control of a single athletic commission.

Technically today is the last day of the Assembly’s 2015 session, but most likely they’ll extend things a few days, giving the MMA bill a bit more time to work its magic and finally, at long last, once and for all, dear god let it be so, make it to the fucking governor’s desk already.


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