Mr. Weidman Goes to Albany

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By Fightland staff

2012 was an up-and-down year for UFC middleweight Chris Weidman.

On the one hand, the undefeated wrestler fought (and talked) his way into a probable title shot with legend Anderson Silva after defeating perennial contender Demian Maia by decision back in January and mauling fellow up-and-comer Mark Munoz in July. But at the end of October the Long Island native saw his house destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. And if that weren’t enough, he had to pull out of a title elimination fight with Tim Boetsch in December after injuring his shoulder. Luckily for Weidman, Boetsch lost that fight, leaving the No. 1 contender spot in his hands.

In other words, Chris Weidman has a lot on his mind.

So bully for him that he’ll be throwing his hat into the political ring on the topic of legal sanctioning of MMA in New York State this week. According to Weidman’s Twitter page, he’ll be heading to Albany on Wednesday to “lobby to make MMA legal in NY.” We’re not sure what kind of lobbying he'll be doing exactly, but with the prospects for legal MMA in New York looking better than ever, and UFC President Dana dreaming out loud about a super fight between Silva and Jon "Bones" Jones at Madison Square Garden in the winter, Weidman might be lending his voice to the debate at just the right moment.

Though how a SIlva/Jones fight at the Mecca of combat sports would affect Weidman's chances at getting a title shot is anyone's guess. I can't imagine Silva -- who's already expressed his reservations about fighting the less accomplished and famous (and bankable) Weidman -- would agree to a fight with him in the summer, and risk his considerable reputation, when the biggest-money fight in UFC history is only a few months later. So, all the more credit is due to the New Yorker for putting his individual dreams and desires to the side for the greater good. Here's hoping it works out. For him and for us. 

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