Never, Ever Try to Scare a 'Fightland' Writer

Fightland Blog

By Fightland Staff

You can say what you want about Fightland writers—that we’re uninformed, misinformed, pompous, self-indulgent, self-satisfied, self-important, wordy, precious, delusional, pretentious, compromised, compromising, long-winded, short-sighted, or "artsy"--but you should never, ever try to intimidate us.

We’ll forgive UFC bantamweight Bethe Correia for making this mistake yesterday at the UFC Fight Night weigh-ins in Brisbane, Australia, not only because she’s making her UFC debut tonight and is therefore under a lot of pressure and new to the world of proper MMA behavior, but also because she already got her comeuppance, and we’re not the kind to pile on.

That comeuppance came in the form of women’s MMA legend and Fightland columnist Julie Kedzie, who took Correia’s attempts at pre-fight mind games and tossed them to the ground. Julie--who’s fought 28 times over the last decade and who once fended off the romantic advances of Silvio Berlusconi--is both experienced enough as a fighter to not be intimidated by a mean-mug/head-flinch combination and wise enough as a human being to know that the best way to handle a tough guy is with a sense of humor. Correia never had a chance.

But we're gentle souls and have no malice in our hearts, nor do we have any desire to brag, so we'll leave it there. But people of the world—look to the plight of Bethe Correia … and consider yourselves warned. 

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