Rashad Evans Confirmed GSP's Story of UFO in New Mexico

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Last year Joe Rogan had Georges St-Pierre come by for a chat on his podcast. They talked about aliens. St-Pierre explained that he suffers from inexplainable lapses in his memory, that two, four hours will go by and he will not have a clue as to what happened in that time. Or that he could be driving somewhere and not remember the trip. The point being made at the time was that those lapses were symptoms of the abduction of Georges St-Pierre earlier in his life. Later on in the year, Joe Rogan would appear in the Opie & Anthony radio show, saying that Georges St-Pierre should retire.

"I think Georges should retire," Rogan said on the show. "One of the reasons I think Georges should retire is he was on my podcast and he was talking about being abducted by aliens. I was going, 'You think you've been abducted by aliens?' … He starts talking about missing time. He started talking about how he’s driving his car and all of a sudden he's at home and he has no idea [how] he got there. […] I think it's head kicks and punches.” However, when Rogan asked him how long he's been experiencing these blanks, St-Pierre answered, "since I'm a kid." 

Just yesterday mixed martial arts forums and comments sections exploded because Rogan told his friend and UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub that he should reassess his current profession, following a lackluster performance that resulted in a loss against a reinvigorated Travis “Hapa” Browne. In Joe Rogan’s defense, he’s been around for long time and—whether you like him or not, whether he’s tough enough to step in the Octagon himself or not—he’s seen a lot of fights and double that amount in fighters, so he has to at least know a little bit about what he’s talking about.

But St-Pierre is one of the greatest ever and, like he said, these symptoms came from way before his fighting career started. And anyway, we just want to update you a little bit more about this UFO situation. At a time the world can seem exasperatingly cramped, it's nice to think about the possibility of a more interesting "elsewhere." You know, life in other planets. Others. We won't take sides between believers and skeptics, but we enjoy the possibilities. However, St-Pierre is serious about this.

Chael Sonnen recently hosted St-Pierre on his own podcast, You're Welcome!, where the Canadian elaborated on what he meant on the Joe Rogan podcast. He explained that the blanks in his memory He also told Sonnen about the time he and a few others saw a UFO on the highway in New Mexico. According to St-Pierre, he, Rashad Evans, Mike Van Arsdale, and a couple of other guys, one of which was a guy from Mexico, Alejandro, whom Evans describes as a “dude who spoke no English.”

Chael Sonnen just had “Suga” Rashad Evans stop by for his podcast, and he asked him what that story was all about. And lest he be lying or they’re all part of a conspiracy, Evan confirmed the whole story. He told Sonnen, 

“We’re driving down the highway, the mountains are west of us. The sun was setting, it was getting pretty dark. And we’re driving—Mike van Arsdale, Ali Abdel-Aziz, this Mexican guy who couldn't speak any english… his name was Alejandro and he came down to train with us for a while. We’re amidst discussion, you know, busting each other’s chops and we look over and we’re like, ‘Yo what is that! and it just lit up the whole sky. It lit up the whole sky! And everybody in traffic starts to look at it and everybody’s, like, driving slow… everybody slowed down… everybody was looking. And then it just took off in a bolt of light. [makes spaceship sounds] It was super slow, then it took off like a bolt of light and it out was of view… The funny thing is Georges is already scared of UFOs, before that… he was staying at Greg Jackson’s house, and the room he was staying in Greg Jackson’s, it had a skylight in the room…you could see outside… And Georges was scared the whole night that a UFO was going to beam him up.

We’re hoping to hear from Mike van Arsdale, Ali Abdel-Aziz or the elusive Alejandro soon. We want to confirm our theories that Georges St-Pierre’s ability is from another galaxy. 


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