Sonnen Attacks the Media (Maybe)

Fightland Blog

By Fightland staff

As members of the media, we tend to frown on attacks on journalists. As cranky and misguided as some of us might be and as incorrect and ill-mannered as our stories sometimes are, we figure our intrusions and interpretations are the price people pay for being rich and famous in a democracy.

There are exceptions, however. And the main one is when the man doing the attacking is Chael Sonnen, the finest trash-talker since Muhammad Ali, the shape-shifting hero/villain of the UFC, the Charlie Kaufman of cage-fighting. In such cases we’re willing to give the attacker the benefit of the doubt and assume (as we always do with Sonnen) that he’s working on a different and deeper level than we are, that he has his reasons, which we'll all no doubt understand in the fullness of time. This is especially true when Sonnen’s attacks come in the form of a bizarre one-day cascade of Tweets directed toward an as-yet unnamed journalist who is apparently untalented and unimaginative; guilty of biased, vindictive reporting; untrained and opportunistic; and made out of baboon crap.

We don’t know what this journalist did to anger Sonnen so much. We don’t even know if this journalist exists. He could just be a straw-man, an invention of the feverish mind of a self-promotion genius with a show and fight to push. In which case, our hats are once again off to Chael Sonnen – fighter, coach, carnival barker, and journalists’ worst enemy/best friend.


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