This Video of Rafael Cordeiro’s ‘Flying Muay Thai’ Is Incredible

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By Fightland Staff

Rafael Cordeiro has over 25-years of coaching under his belt. As the head instructor at King’s MMA, and as a former coach at Chute Boxe, he’s helped some of the best strikers in the game reach their potential—guys like Anderson Silva and Fabricio Werdum.

While scouring the internet today for some mid-week inspiration, we came upon this video from 2012 of the famed 42-year-old MMA coach sparring his students in incredible fashion.

Although the sparring is fairly light, the brilliance of Master Cordeiro most certainly shines through. Throwing beautiful flying combinations, perfectly timed knees, and displaying fluid footwork, Cordeiro reminds us all that the coaches we see cornering our favorite fighters are NO JOKE.

Take it all in, and find the style and finesse to finish your week off strong.


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