UFC's Injury-Plagued 2012 Ends on Absurd Note

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By Fightland Staff

Up-and-coming UFC lightweight Tim Means has survived a drug addiction, a prison sentence, even a bullet to the leg, but it looks like a wet floor has gotten the better of him. 

Means was slated to fight Abel Trujillo at tomorrow's UFC of Fox 5 card in Seattle, but earlier today word came in from UFC President Dana White via Twitter that an accident in the sauna (where fighters routinely spend their last day before fights cutting weight) had changed those plans:

"The UFC curse strikes again. Tim Means slips in sauna and KO's himself so now Marcus LeVesseur vs Abel Trujillo."

The curse White is speaking of is the rash of injuries that have plagued the UFC all year, leading to last-minute card rearranging, fight cancellations, even the calling-off of the first UFC card in a decade. In a sport where athletes spend most of their days getting pounded on and their limbs twisted into unnatural shapes (and then miserable hours in a steam-filled room down 15 pounds of water weight), injuries are going to happen, but Means' night-ending beating at the hands of a slippery tile floor is the perfect absurd capper to a plagued year.

Don't think Means won't be back, though. He's the very model of a survivor. A gunshot wound to the femoral artery outside a fast-food restaurant in 2004 led to an addiction to Vicodin, which led to an addiction to cocaine, which led to an addiction to meth, which led to prison. Since getting out in 2009, though, Means has won 15 MMA fights, including a two-fight win streak in the UFC. We're guessing a slip in the shower won't keep him down for long.