Walkout Wishlist: UFC Fight Night 50

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By Michael Hresko

Photo by Justin Staple

Every time a mixed martial artist makes his or her grand entrance at a UFC event, they get to choose what song will play over the loudspeakers as they walk towards the Octagon. Every now and then we turn up with a fighter's walkout songevery now and then their choice sucks. But fret not, they can stop rummaging through their playlists and focus purely on their performances now, as we pick the best and most relevant tunes for the top eight fighters on UFC Fight Night 50.

Ronaldo Souza
Action Bronson—"Alligator"

Ronaldo Souza, better known as “Jacare,” has one of the best nicknames in MMA. It means Alligator, which is fitting, since his impressive jiu jitsu background and ground skills have made him a legend in the sport before he ever stepped into the Octagon. We are as partial to Jacare as we are to Action Bronson here at Fightland, so I had to pick this fitting track.

Gerard Mousasi
Culture Shock—"Troglodyte"

Like a lot of European fighters, Mousasi likes to come out to electronic music. For his fight in Sweden at UFC on Fuel TV 9, he picked a euphoric Tiesto song called “Adagio For Strings.” Our friends over at Thump convinced us that Tiesto is for pansies, but I still like the vibe that the genre lends to an MMA event. For his fight this weekend against Jacare, the VICE dance music writers suggest this drum and bass song by Culture Shock.

Alistair Overeem
The Chainsmokers—"#SELFIE"

The Reem has been getting hated on a lot recently for his penchant for hurting his teammates. There was the time he “accidentally” injured Jon Jones, and more recently, Andre Arlovski, who he sent to the hospital with a broken rib scare after the Dutch heavyweight kicked him during a sparing session.

Even Dana White criticized the burly kickboxer, whose reputation as a hardnosed and stubborn training partner continues after his move from the Blackzilians to the Jackson-Winkeljohn team in New Mexico.

Overeem insists that it’s all a misunderstanding, and despite Arlovski’s admission that he believed the Jones incident was purposeful, he posted a selfie of the two looking like best buddies on Instagram. So, this track by The Chainsmoker’s seems like a perfectly self-deprecating choice for his fight this weekend.

Ben Rothwell
Death Grips—"Beware"

Ben Rothwell’s choices of entrance music have been all across the board. He chose a Muse song for his last UFC appearance against Brandon Vera, but had previously been coming out to Nickelback’s “Burn It To The Ground.” Ugh.

I would like to call an immediate ban on Nickelback from all further MMA events, and challenge Big Ben to step up his music game by picking something nobody would expect from a big, white heavyweight from the Midwest.

Derrick Lewis
Juvenile—"U Understand"

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, this exciting heavyweight fighter had previously picked the southern rap classic, “Numba One Stunna,” by Big Tymers. Let’s not stray too far from such an amazing (and crowd pleasing) choice, and go with this Juvenile classic.

Matt Mitrione
Lady Gaga—"Born This Way"

Honestly, I’m still upset about Mitrione’s comments about transgender fighter Fallon Fox, who he called a “sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.” He’s since apologized—and agreed to work with the LGBT community—but it would be really cool if he forgoes walking out to “Simple Man” by Lynard Skynard again, and picked Gay Pride anthem “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. Think about it, Matthew.

Michael Chiesa
Cheap Trick—“Dream Police”

While amassing an impressive 11-1 record, and winning The Ultimate Fighter, Chiesa finished six opponents in a row with chokes. Such a high submission percentage is as impressive as it is rare—his nickname could be Dr. Sleep. For this reason there’s no better walkout song than “Dream Police.” Chiesa picked “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent in the past, so it wouldn’t be too far out of his wheelhouse, and his rivals will have that catchy chorus stuck in their mind: “The dream police, they live inside of my head…”

Joe Lauzon
LL Cool J—"Mama Said Knock You Out"

Joe Lauzon’s son, Joey Lauzon III, just knocked out cancer. Beating cancer at any age is fucking rad. Beating cancer at age 2 is super fucking rad. Mom and Dad stood by him through and through, and, for a while, J-Lau expressed doubts about ever coming back to the Octagon—but that was when he was standing by his son while he fought the first toughest battle of his life. Little Joey is good now, and his dad’s back, too. He’s more than ready to take on Michael Chiesa—so what better walkout song can we offer J-Lau than the epic celebratory classic “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J?



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