Watch Baby Bruce Lee While You Patiently Wait for Friday

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By Fightland Staff

Remember Game of Death and the emblematic martial arts scene in which the mythical Bruce Lee fights against a towering Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? It’s the 1972 Hong Kong film written, directed, produced by and starring Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, Bruce Lee died during the making of the film, and as such the project remained unfinished.

Even like that, however, the film has become part of martial arts culture’s bedrock, inspiring the world in its wake. Tarantino’s Bride from Kill Bill in that yellow outfit is a direct homage to Lee’s film. Gorillaz’ Noodle would often appear fighting off villains wearing the track suit. Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob Squarepants wore the suit in the “Karate Island” episode. Those are just two of the most salient examples of the suit's pervasiveness in contemporary mainstream. culture. 

Anyway, we came across this little kid wearing the suit and acting out—quite perfectly if we may add—the scene in which Bruce Lee engages an enemy in a nunchuk battle. See it below, and check out more video's of this martial art prodigy on his facebook page.



Posted by FEEDBAC on Sunday, May 10, 2015

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