Watch Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson’s Movement Drills

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By Fightland Staff

Reminiscent of the “Ginastica Natural” that was championed by some of the older jiu jitsu players like Rickson Gracie, Ido Portal’s movement drills definitely fit into Conor McGregor’s approach to fighting.

The Irish martial artist has reminded everyone that his style of fighting is as much about his mobility as it is about his skills as a striker. In our Moving Portraits episode on the Irish star, he insisted he was a “master of movement,” and we’ve seen him in Venice Beach, California a couple times since his first visit, calmly crab-walking and stretching on the beaches in full view of his fans (which since that first time, have grown exponentially).

It’s not just a gimmick. Conor is so serious, just as Rickson was, about his ability to flow and make quick reactions, he brought in former Afro-Brazilian Capoeira-artist-turned-movement-coach, Ido Portal, into Straight Blast Gym to further develop his skills.

Yesterday, coach Portal uploaded a video of some of the drills he has been putting Conor and his teammates through, and although some seem similar to those seen in beginner BJJ classes, the majority look innovative and fun.

Check out Ireland’s squad of killers crawling around the mats below:


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