Watch Conor McGregor Spar with a Pro Boxer

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By Fightland Staff

Sparring is fun to watch. The playfulness of training at the relatively slower pace, compared to the full-speed action of competition, allows fighters to open up and set up attacks more fluidly. Last week we shared a video of King’s MMA coach Master Rafael Cordeiro putting on a beautiful display of Muay Thai while sparring with his students—and we have been hunting for more training videos ever since.

In this next video, uploaded by the SBG head coach in 2013, the ever-divisive Conor McGregor spars pro boxer Patrick Hyland in an Octagon. Keep in mind that the Irish interim featherweight champion has come a long way in the two years that have past since this was recorded. It’s not the most competitive of sessions, as Conor uses kicks to control the distance and takes Hyland down several times, but it’s still an insightful watch.


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