Watch Evander Holyfield's Road Rage PSA

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By Fightland Staff

The state of Georgia released a greateven if low-budgetpublic service announcement last week starring former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield and a classic white hillbilly character. 

Let's set the scene: The retired boxer, who actually lives in Fayette County, Georgia, leaves his mansion in a hurry one fine morning, only to cut-off a pickup truck as he pulls out of his driveway. It's enough to ignite the all-too-common and dreaded fire of ROAD RAGE (not to be confused with aggressive driving).

Not knowing who the dangerous hands that grip the steering wheel behind the tinted-windows belong to, this mansurely a typical Georgia nativegets out of his car, curses, all while banging on the hood of Evander's black Mercedes-Benz SUV.

What happens next is just as obvious as the first time we saw it as an Entourage plotline.

Anyway, we can't really tell if this is funny or racist, but if there is one take-away from this PSA, it's that Evander Holyfield still looks like he's in great shape.


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