White Belt Jiu Jitsu, Black Belt Animation!

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By Alex Small-Butera

Alex Small-Butera, and his wife Lindsey, are the co-creators of the hit animated web series Baman Piderman, as well as many animated shorts on the internet. We stumbled across a beautiful judo throw animation on Alex’s blog, and asked him to create some more just for us.

We really loved the style, as it captured the fact that training marial arts is (for the most part) fun, and not nearly as agressive as outsiders may think. As Alex told us, “So often martial arts get portrayed too heavy-handedly, or too violent. It was nice to animate some action scenes where everyone is having a good time.”

Uchi Mata to Armbar to Armbar Escape!

Stepover pass to side control, but watch out, side control escape to back take and rear naked choke TAP TAP TAP!

Seoi nage feint to O Soto Gari to Kimura

Ashi Guruma

Seoi nage to triumphant roll to victory pose (everybody wins with seoi nage)

Kata Guruma: we’re both going for a ride!

See more of Alex’ work on his blog and YouTube channel.
And make sure to check out Baman Piderman!