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Peleadores: Irene Aldana and Alexa Grasso

Women are quickly making mixed martial arts their game, and in Mexico it’s no different. In this episode of Peleadores, we meet Alexa Grasso and Irene Aldana and follow the path that took them from Guadalajara to Invicta FC—the world’s premier women’s mixed martial arts promotion.

Throughout our Peleadores series, Fightland presents five future stars of Mexican mixed martial arts in their fight in and out of the cage. On another episode, we met one of Mexican mixed martial arts most familiar faces, Erik “Goyito” Pérez, and on yet another we met one of the most popular fighters in the country, Augusto “Dodger” Montaño, and learned how he was signed to the UFC. Another episode featured Juan “Fénix” Puig, who will make his second UFC appearance on November 22nd.


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