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Japan's Karate Kid

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Kyoji Horiguchi is one of Japan's brightest prospects in MMA, currently based in Tokyo and training alongside the legendary Kid Yamamoto at his gym, Krazy Bee. While lacking the professional guidance usually provided by coaches for UFC fighters in the US, he makes up for it by having Kid Yamamoto as his training partner.

Horiguchi boasts a Karate background which he takes advantage of when moving about in the cage, making it difficult for his opponents to guess his next move. On top of that, he hits like Mack truck, which explains his record of 12 wins and 1 loss with 8 KOs, unusual for a flyweight fighter.

VICE catches up with Horiguchi to find out what his day-to-day consists of, including his down time fishing down by the river 70 miles north of Tokyo. In person, it seems as if nothing could ever overwhelm him, whether it be the rigorous training he endures at the gym or the pressure to become the next UFC champion. It's obvious he has his eye fixed on the prize, and the wild parties thrown at the gym don't seem to distract him in the least.

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